Urine Away permanently eliminates odors and stains in 4 ways

All urine odors are caused by molecules that emit a vapor. Many products attempt to “control” odors, but none of them eliminate the odors like Urine Away:


and captures malodorous molecules within seconds to neutralize them permanently.


malodorous substances into its molecular structure to permanently eliminate the odor.


odors at the molecular level. Utilizes the ability of certain molecules to neutralize each other.


malodors caused by further biological breakdown and molecular reactivation.

Nothing works like Urine Away

• Effectively eliminates the odor no matter what has been used in the past. • Proprietary triple-action formula keeps odors from coming back. Urine Away eliminates urine odors. For good. Urine Away is safe, non-toxic, non-irritating, biodegradable and is easy to use.