It’s easy to use Urine Away

Remove Urine

First, remove excess urine from the area that is being treated. Make sure to use a clean cloth. Press the cloth on the spot for a few seconds, then dab repeatedly.

Apply Urine Away

Apply a liberal amount of Urine Away directly to the area of urination. (Good rule: Apply an equal amount of Urine Away to the amount of urine deposited).

Soak and Dry

Let the product soak in and dry. To work successfully, Urine Away must come in direct contact with the entire urine-soaked area.

NOTE: Urine can spread in sub-flooring and carpet padding; and wick up vertical surfaces.

Urine Away eliminates urine odors. For good. Urine Away is safe, non-toxic, non-irritating, biodegradable and is easy to use.